rEcognitiOn EP
work in progress ░┘

vEro dOs REcognitiOn Ep Artwork

RECOGNITION EP by vEro dOs speaks of “realizing”, of (self) knowing and acknowledging external and internal voices. –> “At first my finger pointed outside, but then my inside reacted and became evident. I was able to re-cognize “the other”, others and my own shadow. It is / was a painful process and full of anger. Not only because I could see what repressed me, but because the next step was to take responsibility for that discovery. And to act (or stop doing it) to transform yourself is an equivalent effort to be reborn.”
Sound/Images/Videos help me channel my emotions and processes, which are quite slow.. as well as my posting and/or pieces releases. Hope you are not in a hurry! If so, well, you can try to relax… or to contact me. Maybe we can “channel” together 🙂

(Singles / Videoclips)

NIAGARA V1……. 5:33

—  video (Unmixed version)
AUG 2015

STUFF ……. 4:14
— Single + Video
DEC 2018

STRESS……. 3:33
— Single + Video
MAR 2020

——-> rEleased on DEC 9th 2021

└░  released > 2020 ░┘

– audiOvisual x-pErimental cOllective
iL Ruh + Javi-vi + vEro dOs

Kaspar Hauser 2.0
└░  MAR 2019 ░┘

vEro dOs REcognitiOn Ep Artwork

– elEctric thEater
Horacio Ganem + vEro dOs